The fee of repair iPhone between Apple store and repair iPhone store


repair store vs apple repair store News, recently in APPLE published iPhone support on the official website of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus maintenance and service detail, including the damage LCD screen, batteries aspect, power supplies and other maintenance services

From the official display, the iPhone user needs to repair and replace LCD screen depending on the model, also have the AppleCare coverage prices. In particularly, the replacement price for iPhone 6 LCD screen will take $109, then the large LCD screen like iPhone 6 Plus will spend more than $20, the iPhone 5s/5c and iPhone 5 replacement’s price is as same as iPhone 6 Plus costs. In new policy, iPhone users need to pay their own additional fee $6.95 for freight, which does not include local taxes. The new iPhone got one-year limited warranty will cover the battery defect replacement, in the warranty or AppleCare will receive free service. However, when the warranty to exceed the time limit date, all iPhone models will need to speed $79 for battery replace.

AppleCare+ extended warranty included accidental damage event twice, each time service fee is $79. In suggest, if you are negligence and easily lead to unexpected, you can consider have the AppleCare+ service.

In fact, the customers can purchase the iPhone LCD screen from the repair store and wholesale iPhone LCD screen website to buy as lower than the Apple official store. When I’m negligence drop my iPhone 6 Plus on the floor, the LCD screen totally broken. At that moment, I think about I can go to the Apple’s Website make an appointment; they will give me nearest place. After you got your appointment time, can into the Apple store, which the staff will help you check an appointment time and leave you phone number, and then you can leave Apple store. Next when you received 3 texts, you must return to Apple store in basically time is three hours. They have the engineers to query my iPhone and serial number; you will know the valued and how long will take to repair. Usually repair time is about a hour.

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