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Hi, my name is Cory. I’m the online marketing manager for GTE online store.

Even though Our company in the US has only had 1-year history, but Our company grows very fast.

Right now our company has more than 50 employees, Online Store is starting from September. In the beginning, whole online marketing only myself. Until we have a small team right now. Our sales have grown double monthly. By the way, our team grows as fast as sales. The picture Below is taken in two months before.

Team in GTE

I have some Online marketing experience, but most of them are about SEO. But Google SEO change will very fast. But there still have something they would never change:

1. The HTML tips for SEO.

  1.  404 pages (error page,)
  2. Homepage URL should only have one, you can use 301 rewrite
  3. RSS
  4. Make sure the every picture “ALT”
  5. Every page’s description should be 100% proper for them, don’t add keywords unnaturally.

2. Customer Experience

  1. Website speed
  2. Clear description
  3. High-quality picture of products (It’s better to use your own picture to win customer’s Trust)
  4. Easy shop, more shipping option.

We install a lot of plugins for our website to improve Customer Experience, Full page cache and big server for improving website speed. Credit System and VIP System for loyal Customers. The discount system for the special holiday (Even our price is so much better, we still give promotion sometimes.).

Before talk about marketing, we always need to know the products first and know your company product’s advantage First. Following my view, lets us understand the LCD market.

Mobile LCD marketing is complicated, another product’s price will drop down by the time go by. But the iPhone LCD raises double within 10 months. And the quality is not easy to defend yourself if you are the first time to buy iPhone LCD.OEM or high copy, What’s different quality you can tell when you test iPhone LCD?   After doing the online marketing on the LCD, I know a lot of tips on it.

The reviews on Amazon are so hard to get good rates.


If you don’t know about LCD market, you probably gonna confuses with this, are their product’s qualifications all bad?

The problem is to replace the iPhone LCD is not an easy work, if they make a mistake, fixed iPhone won’t work too long or won’t work on the first page.


stars for reviews  stars for LCD reviews

1-star customer probably messes up the installation. But in eBay is a different story.


Sometimes I’m so confused why their website’s price is even higher than the products they sell online. Whatever Ebay or Amazon, if we wanna sell the product over there, We need to pay the extra fee on sale. Like eBay: 9% + 2.9%  + 0.30 + 2.04 = 11.9% + 2.34.     How much can I get from once we sell $59.99 ?    59.99 * (1 – 11.9%) – 2.34 = 50.51 .  Some LCD store on eBay has the better price than me. We sell products on eBay for more people know us. There’s B quality in the market, they can get B quality LCD as very low price. I guess this the problem influence the market price in eBay and Amazon.

And there’s one website confuse me for a long time until (check their 5C price and The recycle price in GTE)

cheapest orginial 5c lcd

recycle price in GTE

Recycle broke OEM-LCD price is $27.00, they sell original as $30.20. Believe it or not, I won’t trust them. If their price and quality are true, The price in the market won’t be like this now.

Quality and Price are the only things you need to take care of. Choose the right brand is related to quality.

What is the GTE LCD advantage?

Not like another company, we only sell one level quality LCD (S, best quality in the market) to customers. Factory price, Give the low price as possible as we can (factory price). multi-shipping accepted (one-day shipping available).

How to improve your online store selling?

EBay, Amazon, new, egg, Alibaba (if your price is Competitive.)

It’s hard to sell products on those online store, Because the product’s price in there is very low. And toys online store charge a lot after you sell the products.

I used to sell iPhone cover on eBay, after I check the price from another competitor, I quit. For personal, It’s very hard to sell in the eBay. It’s very low profit to sell here, the store owner can from china, India, their price is very competitive. If you’re not the wholesaler, don’t try to sell the products here. A refund problem, store fee and each order you need to pay to those online stores.

But if you’re the wholesaler, You should sell the products on those, It’s not about earn profit, It’s about letting more customer knows your brand and website. Even eBay policy doesn’t allow eBay store have a 3rd party link in eBay, but they won’t ban your online store. Because they want to earn money from you guys.

guide to website

The price is eBay shows $60.99, they can get price $6 cheaper in our website. Some customer will go to your website to shop it. But most of them still going to buy in your eBay than buy at your website. Because on eBay, they are easier to get a refund. They think about this. Even they can get refund easily from our website. Another thing is reviewing, But on eBay, most of them won’t leave negative reviews. In our store, only have 1 negative reviews that about we cannot ship out the day they purchased. Even us explain and the fact is true.

EBay, Amazon, New Egg, Alibaba or something else, It’s to improve brand’s trust and cognition. Most of customer won’t make a purchase on your website first time they find you. Like ADs in TV, the more times we watch ads, The more we can trust  the ads. You can find your competitor has more than 10K good rates on their Online store. At that time, even their price is higher than the other small store (have 5 good rates). Even you will choose the 10K good rates store. Those things could also help your Google rank.

Yelp, Citysearch, Google maps is the best ways to improve your business too. Good reviews will help you build the brand image. Use Coupon to bring more reviews and social media shares and likes (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Diigo, etc.).



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