Why is iPad 2 still Popular in the Market?

As we know, The iPad market has already provided more choice to us such as the latest edition iPad Air 2. We know that iPad Mini is smaller than normal iPad LCD Screen’s size. Meanwhile, iPad Air is just reducing the weight of iPad 2. This article will discuss why iPad 2 is still popular in the market.


Most of the people do not upgrade to use iPad Mini and iPad Air because they believe that they do not change so much about the functional. The function of iPad 2 is similar with iPad Mini and iPad Air. The difference between those products is size and weight. Normally, the people do not change the new version of the iPad group, because new system IOS does not have so much change on the iPad. That’s why the people can still use their old version of iPad.

iPad 2                  ipad pro

This year 2015, Apple company has new iPad Pro are coming out. It is 12.9 inches. The thin is only 6.9 mm. The low capability is 32 GB and price is $799.  The internal of iPad Pro has four speakers, provide the Apple pencil and smart keyboard. This time, iPad Pro has a big improvement about the size and functional even providing Apple pencil and smart keyboard.  The special part is the Apple pencil which the users can be easy to hold the pencil well and comfortable. From the apple pencil, we can notice that iPad Pro is more useful for the professional photographers, artists and painters, but not appropriate for senior people.


ipad air

Beside the new edition of iPad Pro, most of the people are not satisfied with the price of iPad Pro. For the people who uses iPad 2, they normally do not upgrade the IOS system, because the system makes the device slowly and slowly. Obviously, After iPad 2, Apple does not have any creative ideas to iPad products. For instance, the lift time of product iPad 3 is less useful than iPad 2. The configuration of iPad Mini is lower than another version, and also, iPad Mini 2 is lower quality than iPad 2. At the same time, some of the people already upgraded the system of IOS 9.1, but the system is made the device slower than before. Below have a picture, it provide that iPad 2 has 20% popular model in the market, and also proof that most of the people are using the iPad 2.

In summary, the main reason is iPad 2 can handle everything about other versions of the iPad product. People do not have to change frequently because of size and weight.



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  1. I totally agreed this point, because I still used the iPad 2 to do when we’re traveling. I don’t have to upgrade the new version. Actually they are the same thing. I hope Apple will attract or impress me about the new product.

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