Is it possible to get the iPhone 6 plus for free!?

smash iPhone LCD

I’m not talking about the T-mobile ,Verizon or AT&T special offers, when you’re using their plans, after 2 years you can get a brand new iPhone.

The best package plan I know is Verizon, First lets talk about 6s, you only need to pay $8 per month to get it financing it for 2 years.

For today’s topic, you will find out a new way to get the iPhone 6 plus as free!? But only works in China. Before this, i am going to share what’s the difference from buying an iPhone in China and US.

Buying an iPhone 6s in the US.

As you know, everybody can buy a iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus by themselves. it’s just about $800 dollars,(depends on how much memory) and iPhone 6 plus price for now is only $700 dollars, used ones are going to be like $562. What’s the used iPhone 6 plus gonna be like? There’s some situation I know the new iPhone 6 plus are sold as used iPhone 6 plus because someone buys it and thinks it is bad after a couple of days and the iPhone 6 plus doesn’t have any problems. This is the good one for used iPhone 6 plus. Another going to be an iPhone 6 plus that has some problem and part of the iPhone is refurnished.

Buying an iPhone 6s in the China.

In china, 6s going to cost ¥5288( equal $830 U.S dollars) about 50% is refurnished. Our company does wholesale iPhone LCD and we know so many factory working on refurnished 6s and sell them with high profit. Why can I be so sure their iPhone 6s is refurnished? When you buy it in the US the iPhone 6s is $839.90 without any promotions (Like: T-mobile package). China price can never beat the price in US the only way that happens is when the iPhone is not directly from Apple. That’s the main reason that most customers in china want to buy iPhone from the US. When the new version of the iPhone hit the market, there was so many of my Chinese friends asked me to help them buy the new iPhone for them and asked if the price is¥5288 this is going to cost them their whole month salary or more.

iPhone is a Luxury product in their eyes. They like Comparisons on this, it really happens to Asian people. Even though I’m not like that, I’m still using my iPhone 5s as well. Theirs so many Material Girls only using the newest version of iPhone, so what are they going to do with their old iPhone. smash their iPhone and tell their boyfriend to get new one. smash their iPhone always have one problem that iPhone screens break, some of their boyfriend will say go to the repair store to replace a new iPhone LCD. So they find a better way that their boyfriend can not say no for buying a new iPhone. They throw their iPhone away and say they lost it.

Once you find this kind of Material Girl in the bar, talk with them and see how do they think about new version iPhone, most of them going to say buy the new version of iPhone. Chance is coming, ask them what if they lose their iPhone, think about it. last time my friend get iPhone 5s as free when iPhone 6 publish.


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