iPhone controls the Smart Phone Market in United States

iPhone 7-single

On February, 10th, the marketing research company, Parks Associates, has the new report on Wednesday. It indicated that iPhone has over 40% on the smartphone market in the United States. However, Samsung has a little strategy. The market share reached 31%.
The 31% of market share in Samsung was number second on the smartphone manufacturers. Samsung was very simple to be over the third maximum 10%. Motorola and HTC were on the fourth and fifth on the rank.
The data of Parks Associates indicated that one-third of iPhone users still use the last two generation device. The percentage of Samsung is higher over 30%. The 45% of American family pointed out that they can wait for two years to upgrade the smartphone.
iPhone is one of the significant markets in the United States, but China and Japan are very quickly improvement. Actually, China can exceed over United State market, which is the No. 1 Apple’s largest revenue source.
Apple’s position may gain benefit from Samsung’s unfavorable situation in early 2015. The sales of Samsung Galaxy S6 did not reach the expectation. Most of the reasons were Samsung made the branch of Galaxy S6 standard version and not enough provide the Edge version. Therefore, Samsung final solved the problem. That’s why Samsung released Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ to make the balance of the market.

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