New Design of iPhone 6S into Different Liquid(waterproof)

Liquid Picture

TechRax recently posted new information for waterproof of iPhone 6S. However, this time is politer as usual. They just put the iPhone 6S into different liquid. Do not worry. The liquid is not sulfuric acid, liquid nitrogen, and extreme liquid.

The three liquid are deeply black tea, high concentrations of sugar water (two cups of sugar and one cup of water), vinegar water (6% acidity). Three of iPhone 6S were brand new, even they did not take off the plastic cover.

After 15 minutes later, those iPhone 6S had a process to dry after coming out from the liquid. We can see the picture which is same as before. 3D Touch, Home button and other aspects did not break. According to this experiment, even though not pure of mineral water, iPhone 6S series will not have much impact about slight wetting. However, please do not try.

It has been able to actually have a waterproof capability and new design-related. Before people disassembled iPhone 6S, they discover that the frame of iPhone 6s has already added 0.3mm. Meanwhile, Apple has added to increase internal waterproof tape. Although this is not 100% waterproof, but at least in the face of some unexpected situations can reduce the chance of damage.

One thought on “New Design of iPhone 6S into Different Liquid(waterproof)

  1. Because A lot of smartphone on the market already waterproof, so Apple decides to add waterproof on the iPhone 6s. Because Customer may choose Samsung(S6 is waterproof).

    Apple doesn’t want their mobile hard to break, so it will influence the selling.

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