More an more repair store or iPhone LCD wholesaler share replace LCD video on YouTube


It’s very easy to find the tutorial about how to replace iPhone LCD video on the YouTube.

It’s hard to replace iPhone LCD by yourself when I have iPhone 4S.  repair stores don’t wanna share how to replace iPhone LCD on the website.I did ask some repair store why don’t they post the how to replace iPhone 6S LCD on the YouTube,he told me that he want customer to  Come here for replacing not for watching their skill and learn. I can’t believe they still have this opinion even so many repair store already send their own video to YouTube.This video gonna let customer to know you actually,so many customer watch it and give up to repair by themselves.It’s very easy to break their new iPhone LCD.

We usually suggest them find someone have the experience on replacing iPhone LCD.Because there’s too many problem when you’re new on this.The tutorial looks like easy,of course.Watch it,didn’t means you can make it.same as cooking,after watching so many famous cooker cooking food,the food i cook still don’t taste good.Even they can replace it by themselves,they can still buy the iPhone LCD by themselves,it could save money and time for waiting repair store to order the LCD.

Then,the problem is coming :

Which store i can trust for buying iPhone LCD?

Amazon ,eBay or iPhone LCD wholesale Online store. It’s all the same actually,It’s about find the right quality with right price.It’s easy to get refund on United Stated,but none of us want to spend time on this bullshit event.There’s quality words on those product,from C to S+,  C, B-, B,B+ ,A , A+ ,A++ , A+++,A++++,S,S+ .you must get confuse on this,what the hell is this and how can i know the quality.I can tell you one thing never buy the quality under A,and every quality shows Like and without words “OEM”, “Orignial”, it means the iPhone LCD is high-copy (they talk about everything is OEM except screen).we are wholesale iPhone 5C LCD and other iPhone LCD as S quality. Don’t compare S and A with different company.this quality don’t even go through quality verify,they talk about them by themselves.

Once you have the new iPhone LCD for your phone,you could go to the repair store or some friend have experience on this. it could only take half hour to fix them.the repair fee depends on the new york,you gonna be like $20.find the best way good for you to save money on replace LCD.

You could replace LCD by yourself,there are so many video on YouTube,if you’re lazy to find repair store.most of video should have their own repair store,contact them for price.


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