The Apple ID of Apple Employee Wealth 20 Thousands Dollars

Hacker Wealth

Apple is one of the successful technical company. However, Apple has not processed in the recently year. The percentage of iPhone goes down on the market, and even the market share also affects. Even though the value of market already exceeded competitor Alphabet, but Apple cannot compare the new innovation which Alphabet created. By the way, the future of Apple may become more worst because of the hackers and insider of the company.

One of the magazines indicated that some hackers spent over €20,000 to buy Apple ID from the Apple employee. The employee Apple ID could know the internal information on the Apple company. It is not only one person to do that.

Another one of Apple ex-employee pointed out that some of the hacker and other people find them. Using the money or other option attract to give more internal information. He also mentioned that “if you knew how many people try to get close the Apple employee, just for one password, you would be definitely surprised. They often promise thousand and thousand reward and wealth to help them for getting into the internal internet on Apple. “

The hackers always know what kind of people should pick. They always pick up that Apple employees do not have any promotion prospect or will not stay a long period of time on the Apple company. In order to the information is not much, we cannot infer that those buyers are hackers or competitors to do the process. However, if the internal internet of Apple attacked, it would affect the future plan or original product design about Apple products, and also defeat the innocent Apple ID users to become risky.

Despite the external security still exists, but Apple’s security measure is very cautious. Besides, Apple has the different level and the internal group about security and firm culture. Apple has created a strong network to enter the internal system. Even Apple employees work remotely; they enter the local Apple office has to need approval. The hackers do not be easy to steal the files. Perhaps this “non-technical” method can get log-in information. That is why the hackers are very helpless.

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