How to Do When iPhone Touch LCD Screen Failure

touch iphone screen


People usually have different types of the problems to use iPhone.  We know that normal smart phone has tiny or huge issues.  For instance, iPhone Touch LCD Screen does not work. How do we do when iPhone Touch LCD screen failure? According to this article, you will know how to solve it when it happened.

Step 1. Sometime our iPhone Touch LCD screen does not work, because the cell phone has a lot of dust. At this time, we have to find a piece of glasses cloth to clear the iPhone LCD Screen. Besides that, we also can use the paper towel with a little of alcohol to clear it. After that, we use the dry paper towel to rub the alcohol which already put there.

Step 2.  If you just use the hand cream or wash your hand, it would be a one more reason to cause the iPhone screen does not work. Therefore, we have to make our hand dry.

Step 3.  If you bought the low quality of plastic screen protector or thin screen protector, please you would change glass screen protector to make the iPhone LCD screen as more functional.

Step 4.  If the issues did not come from the step one to three, you have to turn off device and then restart it.

Step 5. If you cannot turn of the cell phone, you can wait the cell phone power dead. After that, you plug the USB cable to charge the iPhone again.

Step 6. The entire above step does not work, which means the iPhone device has some issues. At this point, you have to go to a repair store or apple store.

Step 7. Sometime, the Touch LCD screen is failure because of IOS system. Please update the new version of IOS. The function could be helped to make iPhone LCD screen active.

Step 8.  Low battery.  Every time the battery is lower than 20%, please charge your cell phone, because the cell phone electronic is going through four corners to induct touching. Therefore, we have to charge the phone at low battery.

Step 9.  Sometimes you do not pay attention when relatively strong electromagnetic fields near the place so capacitive screen failure. You do not put the phone on speaker or with magnetic screws and other items on.

Step 10. Do not use the Apple phone near high temperature places, at a temperature of around 40 degrees, it might cause capacitive touch screen drift lead to failure.

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