Ugly Apple Accessories


There had many negative comments about iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case. Meanwhile, some people were also ridiculous to make comments about all the design of Apple accessories. However, only one of the small group defended the design of the iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case. The reason was: Smart Batter Case was ugly, there was even better than iPhone 5C case.

If you have forgotten this product look like, you would see at the upper photo. This product had a strong “hole shoes” style when iPhone 5C released. After this product was coming out, Apple received many negative comments about these products. Although Apple introduced the purpose of this series to be better protect the sleeve to bring iPhone 5C colorful personality, but the design was horrible and disgusting.

iPhone 5C finally ended in failure. The official iPhone 5C was a lot of negative comments.  The official of iPhone 5C case was hidden half of background, which indicated “non”. Most people said that it was called “Non-Sense Design”. Beside Smart Battery Case, Magic Mouse 2 and Apple Pencil, “Hole Shoes” of the cell phone case did not matter.

The design is one of the souls for the Apple Company. Even though now many people provided negative comments about Apple Accessories, but some people would still love the design of the Apple Product.

One thought on “Ugly Apple Accessories

  1. After reviewing the post, I still can think the ugly accessories. However, I believe that iPhone 6 accessories were very comfortable when touching it.In my point of views, the design of Apple will keep working.

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