What is the different between iPhone 6/6+ and iPhone 6s/6+s?

Most of the people give the answer is 3D Touch. It can be seen 3D Touch is a big point for the new edition of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 plus S. Does 3D Touch change your function to use iPhone? The Apple strategy does not concentrate the short-term reaction from 3D Touch. Actually, they want to do long-term for the future Apps.

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We found out that one questionnaire from the website. There is one question about where the 3D Touch can use. The choice includes “Live Photos”, “Peek and Pop”, “desktop shortcut”, and “Others”. From the analysis date, the first three choice users are only 30%. For “Others” option, it’s higher than 68%. The first three choices are main functional for 3D Touch. This situation proofs that the person who bought the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus does not care so much about 3D Touch function. It just provides iPhone become more activity than the previous version, which does not change more functional for the users’ habits.

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Apple Company’s strategy cannot provide everything at the same time. Each step has owned purposes to expand the technology world.  For instance, the stories of iPhone 5’s touch ID. In September 2013, Apple offers new iPhone 5S. People are curious about the gold color material with Home bottom. If Apple wanted to use Touch ID for the purpose of unlocked the phone, Apple would not become seven hundred million on the technology market.  In 2014, Apple offers the Touch ID to use Apple Pay-go through the payment industry. The Touch ID bases on hardware to explore payment service. When the users become certain amounts, Apple will continue improvement technical part.  Therefore, the 3D Touch will be similar as iPhone 5’s touch ID. For the future, 3D Touch will become more popular than touch ID. Right now, 3D Touch just provides simple function about a desktop shortcut. Later, we will wait more functional about 3D TOUCH.

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3 thoughts on “What is the different between iPhone 6/6+ and iPhone 6s/6+s?

  1. There really doesn’t have any improvement about the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. I’m waiting for the new generation next year. I hope that Apple would have any big improvement about the new generation, which attract the customer like me to purchase :)

    • Yeah, I totally agreed with Peter’s points. This new generation of iPHONE 6S and iPhone 6S Plus do not have any improvement. I hope they create new design for next generation.

  2. You know why?
    They won’t complete All function in once, Even they can. They want the customer to buy each series they publish.
    3D touch and waterproof is enough for iPhone 6s and 6s plus.

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