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When you see the sign of Made in China, what will you think about? Cheap and Low quality is the impression for most of us. Too many things are made in China, that’s the reason they bloomed the price of manufacturing in Germany, Japan and France. But is it the only thing that worth mention of Made In China? Obviously, Tim Cook denied this thought because for him, Made In China is the skillset of the workers.

The CEO of the as part of a journey through the world’s biggest and richest company, Tim Cook recently was interviewed by the TV show “60 Minutes”. In the interview, Tim said we put our factory in China is because they are skilled. Even better skilled than German and American workers. Tim said that China put enormous sources into manufactures while American manufacture is not progressing for a while.


Rose also asked Cook if the reason that China is ahead of the US in manufacturing is because of education in China. Cook answered “it’s because they focus on manufacturing, and that’s part of their education system.”


Phil Baker, the Re/code category writer for Technology News, recently visited Shenzhen regarding the question of why can’t the U.S. build consumer Electronic Products. He thought that Shenzhen is the most competitive place for electronic parts manufacturing. You can get the Lithium-ion batteries, iPhone LCD displays, touchscreens, motors, electrical components, switches, plastic moldings, printed circuit boards, semiconductors, packaging, antennas, speakers, microphones, and leather, plastic and other assorted materials. For each component, there are scores of companies in intense competition to keep the prices down and advance the technology.

There’s one human characteristic that’s also important, and it’s not labor costs, although that is a secondary factor. It’s the attitude of the people who work in this industry. They have a high work ethic and can-do attitude that gets things accomplished without any fear of failing or thinking something can’t be done — even when sometimes it can’t. Whether companies are thriving or struggling, they will rarely turn away new business, and most have an insatiable thirst to try new things so they can learn and grow.

3 thoughts on “Why we manufacture in China – Tim Cook

  1. In my opinion, people don’t judge the product of China, because we can see anywhere there has the tag which showed “Made in China” in the United States. China really manufactures good product to export through anywhere of the world, so we don’t have to dispute manufacturers in China.

    • It’s not a judgement, All we know a lot of products from china’s quality is so cheap, just same as price. Factory manufacture would try everything they can to save the cost and make product’s outfit looks nice, so the inside of quality you can image it.

    • I totally agree with you, Jason. At the present, China manufactures many products to anywhere of the world. We can’t judge the product anymore. Their skill becomes better and better.

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