4K Ultra HD Display for Next iPhone generation


Apple iPhone 6S is popular and smart at the new technology world. However, to compare with iPhone 6, there does not have any big changing except camera and 3D Touch. Apple usually expands new upgrade which the period is every two years.  Therefore, we can believe and wait for the iPhone 7 next year. After all, iPhone 7 will bring new design, innovation and features.

Although we do not have any news about the iPhone 7, because iPhone 6S has just released a couple months. However, the technical website, techradar, has still posted new information about iPhone 7

LCD Screen is testing to use glass-to-glass touch panel technology for next new iPhone generation. Apple will abandon in-cell touch panel technology since the iPhone 5 generation.

Apple iPhone 7 will consider using thin G/G touch panel technology for next year.  This year, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will still use the in-cell touch panel technology. For the professional person, in-cell technical already become one common technology. Apple cannot enhance resolution and add any new features.

iPhone 7-single

Recently, manufacturers have begun to send G/G technology touch panel samples to Apple and Corning. It is noteworthy that G/G technology allows Apple produce without border iPhone, which is the in-cell panels cannot be achieved at present. According to supply chain sources, Apple is possible for the iPhone 7 has full 4K Ultra HD display.

If the iPhone 7 could gain high resolution, people would have speculated that Apple will keep increasing the size of screen, but we still believe that Apple would stay at size 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

2 thoughts on “4K Ultra HD Display for Next iPhone generation

  1. I hope this become true because right now any of the manufacturers doesn’t have any 4K Ultra HD display. This becomes new competition in the technology world.

  2. In my opinion, the iPhone 7 will have new innovation. However, I still think the iPhone 6+ is more functional than other. Before I used the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, After iPhone 6+ came out, I was glad to buy the phone. If the screen became the thin, I would be afraid that the screen will be easy to break.

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