Dome Charging Dock: iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Together the first of Apple Watch came out, the third party of the manufacturers has come out many different chargers for the Apple Watch. Recently, Dome charging dock is most attractive one to the Apple Watch users. The highlight of this product can charge the iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time.


Dome has same function about magnetic charging cradle with Apple office product. Dome charging dock also uses similar circular plate design. The product has T6061 aluminum alloy, height 2 cm, diameter 24 cm. When folded cable can be wound around the bottom, the external of the product is very simple. It is worth mentioning that the weight of Dome charging dock is enough to put Apple watch staying at there.

After inserting the cable and plugging in the power, Dome charging dock can simultaneously interface with lightning iPhone and Apple watch charge. One more attractive design is the height of Lightning port can be adjusted, which can be fitted different size of the iPhone case.

One of the research team indicated that Dome charging dock will become one of design accessories for Apple Watch. Apple Watch can directly charge and then change nightstand mode. The significant thing is Lightning cable and magnetic charging cradle of apple watch are necessary to every single buyer.

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  1. Recently, the third part of Apple Watch charger manufacturers came many new products. Some of the designs were very attractive. I don’t know why Apple doesn’t manufacture one to the Apple Watch users. It’s not like Apple. ^^.

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