How can Apple improve the low-power mode?

IOS 9 can stretch battery power

Battery power has been continually developed for each smartphone. For every upgrading, hardware manufacturers improve to enhance battery power, however, when hardware reaching the top of the upgrade, manufacturer has to upgrade the software. Apple added a new “low power mode” to the iPhone as part of iOS 9. You’ll be prompted to activate it each time your phone reaches 20 percent battery, but you can also enable it before that point to stretch your battery power further.

iOS 9 low battery mode limits the network activity and reduces some of the function to achieve the purpose of saving battery. For example, when the cell phone is low battery, the mail cannot be sent out. The users have to check by themselves. The daemon will disable auto refresh and download. Dynamic effects and Brightness definitely turned off or change to the lower function. The speed of network probably will decrease, but the users can still be online.

iOS 9 has another power saving function. When you flip down the iPhone screen on a platform, the screen will not display anymore. Even though the notification comes in, the light will still not show up. This is the advantage of the built-in iPhone hardware, called “proximity sensor”. The iOS 9 enhances battery power, which is a brilliant strategy that Apple provides to their products.

iPhone doesn’t have to be this thin


Every time Apple launches new products, the word “thinner” and “lighter” become the must words. But many consumers are not really interested in them because that usually means the battery life can be shortened by thinner and lighter.

If it needs to be smaller, apple has to reduce the size and weight in different parts of the device. And most probably, the cost would be making the battery smaller with shortness of the battery consistency. If apple does not scarify the capacity of the battery, can they find a way to expand the battery power in the cost of weightless the device? Likewise, the height of the iPhone 6 is only 6.9mm. Many people thought one of the reasons that the iPhone 6 get curved is because it’s too thin beside the material problem.

The height of iPhone 6 is kind too thin to many users. They prefer to make it thicker to improve the capacity of the battery so that their phone can live longer between charges.

More functions added to control center

The control center is the place where we can open some features, like the Bluetooth and wi-Fi which especially consumes the battery.


Our feedback shows that many customers want they put the LTE/4G feature in the control center. Once the low-battery mode been turned on, it can really save a lot of power. And so is the location service.

The low-battery mode can be improved

The low-battery mode is a big progress to the capacity of the battery. But there are still potential to make more improvements. If the device is connected to the Wi-Fi, then it can be disconnected with other cellular features automatically. Some users tested the low-battery mode, they found even though the device can’t fully function it can still muti-task.


Is it possible to make different operation mode for specific tasks? We know on the laptop we can choose different function mode to maximize the capacity of the battery, for example, the game mode. Why don’t iOS provide us the similar feature by customizing the control center by users, or support a mode with a specific scenario? For instance, when we only want to check emails or listen to the music, we can switch to the low battery mode automatically. When we play games it can transfer back to the regular mode.


Apple would certainly want to make the mode switch automatically, however, what if it can be customized by users? What if they can take control of the mode they want? I believe if it’s for the power consistency they would willing to set up the mode feature by their own.

What do you think Apple should do to improve their battery capacity? Do you wish Apple provide more controllable experience and set up the operation mode based on your personal habits in the purpose of maximizing the battery capacity?

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  1. The low-mode power was very popular when I used my cell phone. I don’t have to worry about the cell phone will be dead, so I can continue using. I like this innovation very much.

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