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As marketing development strategy, the quality and price are most difficult to make a decision. Focus on the quality, the quality of Apple LCD screen is harder than other company. For a price, companies usually give some promotion  to attract customers. During the Christmas and New Year, most companies had a big sales deal to sell their products for increasing profits. Therefore, we will indicate what the business strategy is on the UW Screen.

One of our local sales gave some information about our products and customers. He told us that the customers have chosen lower one dollar to pick other companies’ products. Meanwhile, he thinks that the customers do not know our products very well. Even the small group of repair owners do not care so much about the quality to serve the customers. On the other hand, some of the loyal customers always mention why your companies’ price is higher than other company. If you could reduce two dollars, I would like to continue buying from your website.  Actually, we truly  understand what the customers consider. We are not the lower price on the LCD market. Sometimes, we cannot compare with other competitors such Alibaba and DHgate because there has a branch of Chinese suppliers. For the price, GTE Screen cannot offer to the customers.  Beside this platform, eBay and Amazon also provide special and lower LCD screen.  The individual owners cannot understand what the marketing strategy is for one company. They just want to gain more money from each client to come to their store. When selling product on the eBay and Amazon, we have to pay such 10% to those selling website. In other aspects, the ten percentage does not a big deal such as buying a pair of shoes to get 40% or 50% off.

Our company provides if the customer ordered over 50 pieces of the iPhone LCD screen, we would like to become GOLD Member on our official website and gain $1.99 off except iPhone 4 and 4S. Most of the products are lower than 5%. The iPhone 6S screen gets 1.3%.

Base on the marketing strategy, some manufacturers sell lower price than the official website. It is usually around 10% or 20% lower because the quality of the product is different. The manufacturer may sell the HIGH Copy on the eBay and amazon. That is why there has much negative feedback on the review section. We also have to face on that many people are not professional to replace the screen. The LCD screen is very sensitive to replace it. One of the small mistakes will make the screen broken.

Until the end, we realize that most of iPhone LCD wholesalers put the low and high quality together to sell their customers. This situation will make the price become lower as usual. The purpose of this situation makes more benefit. Even the bigger suppliers Foxconn, they do the same thing in a technical market. We got unannounced information from the website. The Apple product sells the good quality into United States market. However, the low quality will sell into the Asian market. When the fresh people get into Foxconn, they usually go to the installment team in the Asian district. That’s why Apple have many returns on the Asian market.

Back to our company, we can promise that our product quality. Most of the customers gave the special review “Good Quality, but Price Higher.” We provide the best quality and more inventory to our customers. Every time, they come to purchase from the website and local sales. They can get what they want. We are really glad to become a partnership with each person to visit our website or phone call.

We believe that each wholesales LCD screen has their own return and refund policy. The shipment process causes the screen broken. Our customers, Please do not worry about this. Every time, we will test the screen before giving to you. We also use the plastic bubble to pack the screen, even though our screens have the cover to protect the screen. For our return policy, if the screen had a problem, you can use live chat or phone call, please provide the order number and product into the package. After that, you have to ship the package by yourself. When we receive the package, we will connect you as soon as possible. Also, we would like to ship quickly for you.

“Best quality; Best customer service; Best Choice” by UW Screen.

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