Replacement steps

  • Tools needed: (A Pro Tech Toolkit)
  1. Pentalobe screwdriver
  2. Cross srewdriver
  3. A set of plastic opening tools
  4. A small suction cup
  1. Make sure your iPhone is off and completed disconnected with any power sources.
  2. Remove the Two Pentalobe screws down by the lightening connector. With these two remove out, we can use the small suction cup to help us lift up the front panel.
  3. Place the small suction cup right above the home button. Got there nice and tight then pull up to separate the front panel and the real case. This can be the most difficult part of the repair. There are several clips holding around the plate and they really work. You may use more force than you think but you only need to lift them enough to get the plastic opening tool.ifixit-i5s
  4. Once you got the tool in there, you will be able to gently separate the front panel and the real case. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the sides. As long as the clips along the bottom and sides of the phone are released, we can finally lift up the front panel from the real case, but be careful, there are several cables are connected to the display of the phone, and we don’t want to damage those. You don’t want to lift the front panel more than about 90 degrees of the real case.separate the front panel from real case
  5. We need to remove the 3 filled up screws holding cable bracket and use our trusted plastic opening tool to disconnect 3 cables connecting display assembly to the logic board.
  6. After we have the front assembly off, we can get work to all those little pieces attach to the assembly. To begin with, remove the two filled up screws holding the front facing camera bracket on. With that bracket off, the UP speaker should be just lift right off and with some careful applying, the cable of front facing camera will come off right after.front camera brasket
  7. Moving down to the bottom of the phone, we see there are two filled up screws holding on the home button cable off gently. Make sure you start at the contact on the right work your way left otherwise you are risking the cable. If you have trouble to get your home button or cable off, you can loosen it with the little kit from our toolkit.ipod-121011-2
  8. The last thing we need to do is to remove the four filled up screws on the side and two filled up screws at the back of the iPhone LCD frame. With these screws out, the frame should be lift up right off. Now you can replace the damaged LCD display with a shining new one.

Remember, please don’t let your friends live with cracked screens. Let’s face it. There’s no rason to with repair this easy. Of course you can find all parts you needs to repair and many others at and let us know how it goes. Don’t forget subscribe our YouTube channel to stay up to date of our latest tear downs of impaired videos. You can follow us on Twitter of GTE screen and give us a like on our Facebook homepage. Thank you for your reading.